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anothergear's Journal

12 October
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My name is Emily and i have mostly been reading a lot of fanfic but not writing them.
I hate to write but I LOVE to read!!!!
I recently had a child my son Gavin (he is a chubby cheeked angel) i also have a 4 year old terror named Grace (god bless her i do love her though:) I currently am a single mother with barley any time on my hands but we do love to travel a lot:D

Roses are Red
Blood is too
Your thought I was foolish
But you are cruel
I loved you with a passion
But you pushed me away
I'll never find another
Who makes me feel this way

My heart is breaking, wondering where you have gone.
Where have you been, love of mine?
Do I need to prove to you how much I love you?
I will carve my love for you on my body
Just to prove that I love you.
I will paint my love for you anywhere you want,
Just come back to me!
Where have you gone angel of mine?
What happened to our free and giving love?
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Why can't you love me like I love you?
Please help me see that you are the one for me,
And stop hurting me
Making me carve my love on my body
With my hands and sharp objects
Just to prove that I am lovable to you.

The day...you slipped away...
Was the day...I found it wont be the same
I didn’t get around kissing you
Good-bye on the hand
I wish that I could see you again
But I know that I can’t...
I hope you can hear me...
Cause I remember it clearly...
The day you slipped away
I can’t imagine what it would be like
To be dead...with no one there with you
You’re all alone in this coffin...
With nothing to hold
I remember the good times we had but they seem to be slipping away...
I guess I will never see you again
Though it is too late.
I miss you...
I miss you so bad.

My heart.

You reach for my chest.
Dive right in and rip my heart out.
My body takes it's last breath in, then I'm standing there looking at you.
Just frozen.
As you hold my red beating heart in your hand.
You raise my heart to your mouth and take a bite.
My body starts to shake, I use all my strength to reach my hand out to you.
I fall to the ground.
You stand over me, spit the piece of my heart that you had in your mouth at me.
You lay the rest of my half eaten heart back in my chest.
I'm dead.
But my spirt will always follow you around.
You'll never be alone.
You'll always be walking with my ghost.

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